How small intestines are adopted to their function

        i.Small intestines are long / coiled; to offer large surface area for digestion / absorption;

      ii.The walls are muscular for peristalsis / contraction and relaxation;

    iii.Inner walls have mucus glands / goblet cells that secrete mucus for lubrication; and protects the wall from digestive enzymes;


    iv.The (inner) wall have digestive glands that secrete (digestive) enzymes;

      v.The (inner) walls have villi; that increase the surface area for absorption:

    vi.The (villi) possess a thin epithelium layer: to facilitate absorption / diffusion;


  vii.The villi have numerous blood vessels: for transport of the end products of digestion;

viii.The villi have lacteals / lacteal vessels; for transport of fats / lipids;