Tertiary Level Resources


We have exams and notes for students pursuing Certified Public accountant of Kenya course. Well organized and easy to follow

University Common Units

In this section we have availed notes of various common units offered in Kenyan universities e.g. computer studies, development studies etc


This section will be useful to those students pursuing various courses in Kenya Medical Training Colleges of Kenya

Early childhood Education

Download notes for bachelor of education in early childhood education from this section

Primary Education

For teachers pursuing a degree in primary education, this is you section. This section will furnish you with all the notes you requre.

Dept. of Educational Technology

Download notes on educational technology from this section


This section contains voluminous resources which will be very useful for students pursuing Law

 Dept. of Science Education

This section will be helpful to student teachers who are pursuing education science

Dept. of Educational Administration

Education administration is department in the university which offers various educational units on administration of education e.g.  education finance, 

Dept. of Business Education

For teachers who are pursuing business studies as on of the teaching subjects, this section will become very handy to you

Department of Education

This section will be very useful to students pursuing education in the university. It contains all the units in education e.g. comparative education, curriculum development and many more

School of Arts & Social Sciences

This section will be helpful to students pursuing courses like journalism, criminology, peace and conflict resolution and many more

Specific subject Notes

This section contains university notes for student teachers training to teach  various subjects e.g mathematics, kiswahili, chemistry and many more